Success in survival or growth does not necessarily belong to the biggest or largest, but certainly to the most fit and prepared.

Is it possible to stay fit for an organisation all along the lifecycle?

What is the fitness level and how is the health of your business or organisation? We believe that at least an annual checkup is essential for your organisation whether you run a business, a non-profit, a cluster or even a project environment. Doing so will help you to know if you are able to reach desired outputs and heading in the direction that you want to go.

Self-Assessing Your Organisation - How Will Your Organisation Benefit?

With our Self-Assessment tools, we can help you to diagnose your organisation’s problems and pinpoint opportunities to reach your potential. Then like a health coach or personal trainer, we design a mentoring plan to optimise the health and fitness of your organisation and use proper tools and recipes to realise your short and long-term goals.

A self-assessment of your organisation can help you to:

  • assess your organisation’s performance against challenging competitive forces
  • pinpoint successes and opportunities for improvement
  • initiate a change initiative or give a new life kiss to current initiatives
  • motivate management and employees to engage with organisational common goals
  • align your resources with your strategic objectives
  • deliver results not just to survive but to become a world-class player 

Our self-assessments are easy to fill quick-cycle evaluation tools resulting in one to ten page custom report specific to your case. 

Deeper diagnosis and assessments are designed based on close contact with our clients where our expert team can help you identify and develop solutions for your specific challenges.


Your fitness level is important whenever survival is the question or may be you agree with famous quality guru W. Edwards Deming's saying: “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

Check your organisation’s fitness level with the below simple quiz and see what kind of tools and practices you could use to increase your skills to cope with your challenging than ever environment...

Latest researches identify that, in order to stay fit and survive, the topmost priority objective for many organisations worldwide is to improve their customer experience. However, most critical impediment realising it is basically the absence or poor design and execution of strategy. This is why, with our knowledge and experience helping organisations successfully implement and manage their strategic goals and objectives, we have developed our Fitness Framework based on the strategy being the backbone of your organisation.

This simple self-assessment is developed based on the Excellence Frameworks like Baldrige, EFQM and Turquality and their relevant criteria for performance excellence which we believe can help your organisation achieve high performance and move toward performance excellence. Our Fitness Framework helps you to evaluate your organisation’s strategic decision making and execution processes, and certainly their impact on results, and your progress towards your organisational goals and objectives.

What are the Fitness Assessment criteria?
The Fitness criteria can be considered as a framework that any organisation can use to improve its overall performance. The Fitness Assessment Scorecard will measure you against integrated, interconnected categories/areas. 

The categories are subdivided into items and areas to address : 

  1. Strategy and Performance Management - This category asks how you develop strategies, strategic planning, strategic objectives and action plans, how you implement them, change them if circumstances require and measure progress.
  2. Leadership and Corporate Governance - This category asks how your leaders’ personal actions and your governance system guide and sustain your organisation.
  3. Customer Focus, Products & Services, Brand Management - This category asks how you engage customers for long‐term marketplace success, including how you listen to the voice of the customer, build customer relationships, and use customer information to improve and identify opportunities for innovation.
  4. People focus - This category addresses key workforce practices - those directed toward creating and maintaining a high‐performance environment and toward engaging your workforce to enable it and your organisation to adapt to change and succeed.
  5. Planet Focus (Society & Environment) – This category reminds you that your performance, success and survival is as possible and meaningful as our planet enables. Planned efforts to protect and contribute to our society and environment pays back more than you invested.
  6. Partnerships Management – This category asks how you create, conduct and maintain your relationships with other organisations that you interact, towards mutual and continuous improvement.   
  7. Process and Operations Management - This category asks how you focus on your organisation’s work, product design and delivery, innovation, and operational effectiveness to achieve organisational success now and in the future.
  8. Learning and Innovation Management – This category asks how you link learning and innovation with your organisation’s future and survival and how you manage innovation (if you do at all) from idea creation to launch.
  9. Results - This category provides a systems focus that encompasses all results necessary to sustaining an enterprise: your key process and product results, your customer‐focused results, your workforce results, your leadership and governance system results, and your overall financial and market performance.

Organisations everywhere are looking for ways to effectively and efficiently meet their missions and achieve their visions. Thousands of organisations around the world use various excellence frameworks and their criteria for excellence to guide their organisations, improve performance, and get enduring results.

Find out at which level you are in your fitness scale and what to do next with the criteria used by thousands of organisations as a tool to improve performance and develop desired outcomes. The questions are customised according to the type of your Organisation being profit or non-profit.

Complete your self-assessment tests right now!

We suggest you to take our Quick & Full Self-Assessment Tests with your senior management team or other leaders and even board members of your organisation. Involving the senior management team and the leaders at this self-assessment stage will help align them with any further crucial actions to be taken.

Quick Self - Assessment Test

  • Free of charge - Can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and computes your scorecard for each category,
  • Statements are categorised in 9 different areas of organisational fitness that are crucial in current business and leadership environment, 
  • Once your score has been computed, a tailor made report summarising specific recommendations to improve your scorecard and to find out the top priorities for your organisation is prepared.
  • We are developping the Full Self-Assessment Test to include much more questions to help you go deeper and understand the root causes of your current fitness score, which we believe can help your organisation to start improving your performance and move towards performance excellence.  In the meantime, we suggest you to take our Quick Test with your senior management team or other leaders or members of your organisation if you haven't done so yet. Remember, involving the senior management team and the leaders at this self-assessment stage will help align them with any further crucial actions to be taken.