Filiz Kunt Law Office

Practicing domestic and international law as an advocate and a legal consultant since 1986, Adv. Filiz Kunt, is the founder of Kunt Law Office.

She owns the LL.M degree on International Business Law from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London and the Masters Degree on Turkish Private Law from Dokuz Eylul Law Faculty. She is qualified as a patent and trademark attorney.

Throughout her career, close observation of company and trading operations and the needs of those involved have enabled her to initiate preventive measures specific to the circumstances of individual concerns. She has an extensive experience of contract negotiation and contract law. She has provided legal advice in many areas of law, from manufacturing to international trade, given that most of her clients are companies engaged in manufacturing of goods. Her extensive clientele have required advice over a wide spectrum of manufacturing and international trade law; in particular, commercial law, law of obligations, labour law, competition law and intellectual property law.



Sistema Consulting

Sistema Management & Information Solutions, established in 1998 is a management consulting company focusing in adopting and applying contemporary management and information technology techniques in order to help companies improve performance.

Co-Founder; Chairman Tolga Moral 





Nesne-emt Industrial Design

Experienced in product development; Nesne-emt produce solutions for different sectors at every phase, from the first idea generation untill the production.

Nesne-emt offer special services focused on projects in the fields of defence, medical, agriculture machines, industrial machines, electronic device and equipments, urban furniture, household devices, automotive, packaging and ceramics. Other services range from industrial and mechanical design; product development strategy and planning, material and production method counselling, low-volume production, modelling and rapid prototyping and production development, guidance and trainings for SMEs.

Founder and CEO Ms. Özlem Perşembe is a graduate of Middle East Technical University Department of Industrial Engineering and has broad experience in design.